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Video Networks, Inc. designs and builds audio-visual systems that network and present visual information to groups of people to deliver your organizationís message with unequalled clarity.

VNIís Services

The Video Networks team will work with you to develop and provide a comprehensive master plan that will establish the overall direction for technology that best achieves your organizationís goals. This plan takes into consideration your needs of today and your projected needs of tomorrow.
VNI will furnish you with a system design, and build-to documents, done in AutoCAD, that contains applicable mechanical and electrical information. This system documentation package includes all system drawings, equipment rack elevations, equipment placement within the room, layouts and connectivity path drawings for other areas and technologies. VNIís information engineering approach will enhance your projectís return-on-investment.

Video Networks, Inc. utilizes a proven project integration process that outlines your system requirements and identifies each task necessary to complete the installation thoroughly, from beginning to end. Their process includes: equipment receiving and testing, rack assembly, software installation, cable installation, device installation, test-as-you-build installation procedures, system adjustment, full system testing and customer training.
In addition, VNI customers are provided with on-site support whenever needed. All employees have cellular phones and remote access to VNI via Windows Terminal Services, so they can be on call and connected to you when emergencies arise. Customers are also given access to several resources such as a drawing library and driver database.

Security Clearances:
VNI has key individuals cleared to TS-SCI who work side-by-side with their customers during operations. All employees are U.S. citizens and trusted partners. As a result, VNI is able to work with law enforcement, DoD, and intelligence organizations.

VNIís Expertise

Software and Network:
VNIís Software and network expertise includes cross platform applications, SQL database development, distributed technologies, voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, wireless & satellite communications, and multi-level security.

Visual Communications:
Video Networks, Inc. offers you advanced visual communications expertise. VNI possesses a cross disciplinary skill set which includes IT, AV, human factors, lighting design, telecommunications, software, maintenance, project management, and engineering. VNIís attention to detail ensures that their end-to-end performance achieves the overall goals of their customers.

Video Systems:
Over the last twenty years, Video Networks, Inc. has successfully introduced HDTV, high-resolution digital video, stereographic imaging to scores of customers.

Audio Systems:
Video Networks, Inc. understands that a majority of todayís collaboration is verbal. They have decades of experience designing audio systems with the most demanding criteria. VNI can also remedy acoustical problems.

Control Systems:
Advanced technology visual communications requires carefully designed control systems. VNIís control systems are intuitive, reliable and concise.


Video Networks, Inc. offers a multitude of services to guide you through every phase of project planning.

As a Consultant, VNI will work with you to develop a concise program to meet your needs. They will help you come up with a definition of your requirements, complete with specifications, bid packages and build-to documents for your project. Finally, VNI will provide you with project oversight and acceptance testing.

Design build integrator:
Video Networks, Inc. will be your design build integrator by blending their role as a consultant with system integration. As a result, there will be a ďsingle throat to choke,Ē which will reduce redundant tasks and a costly bid process to shop drawings. VNI will end the ďLow Bid + Change OrderĒ false economy. VNIís results will match your requirements more closely.

Support contractor:
As a support contractor, Video Networks, Inc. will assume operation and maintenance of your existing systems. They will reduce engineering updates by providing as-built documentation. VNI is available to meet your emergency needs twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week. As time goes by, they will upgrade and expand your system and refresh outdated technology to keep your system current.


VNIís processes keep you at the center of the project.

Requirements Based Design:
Video Networks, Inc. gives you only what you need. Their design is based on your requirements. Every device must be traceable to a functional, budgetary or schedule constraint. Their designs have end to end balance Ė the final design must match the original plan. All acquisitions you make will synchronize with the design. VNI believes designing first and buying later to ensure there is no randomly procured items.

Customer Centered Design:
VNI believes in a customer based design. Only the customer knows what is needed to accomplish their goals, therefore, every key decision is made by the customer. VNI makes sure their customers are sufficiently educated to enable good decision making. Bad news is delivered when problems are small, to ensure that they stay that way. All problems will be presented with at least one solution.

Integrated Quality Fabrication (IQF):
VNI provides integrated quality fabrication. They believe that if it isnít tested, itís broken. All equipment is tested as itís built in order to save time and money. The end result is target performance.


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